In accordance with Spanish legislation in the Information Society Services Law (LSSI) published in the Official National Gazette (B.O.E.) on July 12, 2002, the following documents were issued:

1. Identification data

RegalaArt.com is the online store of José Carlos Cabrejas García (Carlos Bauhouse), NIF: 39868735-Y, and the company's registered office is C / Músic Vivalvi, 33 2º2ª 25003 Lleida.

2. Description of the service

Anyone visiting this website assumes the role of a user and agrees to comply with and strictly abide by the provisions of this website and any other applicable laws and regulations. RegalaArt.com reserves the right to modify any type of information that may appear on the website, without any obligation to pre-notify or inform users of the above obligations, understanding that it is enough to publish on the provider's website .

RegalaArt.com allows users to browse its website and buy original works, digital reproductions, clothing and merchandising by artists from Lleida.

3. Use of the website and the services of RegalaArt.com

3.1 Minimum age RegalaArt.com users can be adults and minors, but the artists on the portal must be of legal age, since the right to sign the contract and sign the author and the images must be at least 18 years old. (Article 1263 of the Civil Code).

3.2 Permission to use this website and the services of RegalaArt.com RegalaArt.com provides limited and revocable permission to access and use its website and its services in accordance with its general conditions of use. This license does not include the right to collect or use information from the website for purposes prohibited by RegalaArt.com, compete with RegalaArt.com, create graphics based on the content of that online store, or save copies online for profit.

3.3 Services offered by third parties

RegalaArt.com may use third-party materials to provide certain services through Tostadora.com. RegalaArt.com does not control these third parties and their services, and you agree that Tostadora is not responsible for how you use such services. These third parties have their own general conditions of use. In case of conflict with RegalaArt.com, the general conditions of use of RegalaArt.com will prevail. RegalaArt.com is exempt from any type of responsibility derived from the information published on its website, provided that the information has been manipulated or entered by a third party outside it. RegalaArt.com stated that it will immediately remove any content that may violate national or international laws, ethics or public order, and will immediately remove the link to the website.

Comply with the regulations of art. In accordance with articles 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, providers offer themselves to all users, authorities and security forces, and actively cooperate to remove or, where appropriate, block all content, third-party rights or ethics that may affect or violate national rights or international legislation and public order. This website has been reviewed and tested to ensure normal operation. In principle, correct operation can be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the provider does not rule out the possibility that certain programming errors, global updates or force majeure, natural disasters, strikes or similar situations may cause the inability to access the website.

4. Purchase conditions

4.1. Sales system

To make a purchase, users can send us their orders online through the "shopping cart" system implemented on our website Regalaart.com.

4.2. Applicable taxes

The price of the product displayed on the RegalaArt.com website includes the applicable value added tax (VAT). Purchases delivered in any EU member state are subject to value added tax. Purchases that must be delivered within the territory of a non-EU member state will be exempt from VAT.

5. Payment methods

When placing an order, customers can freely choose to use Stripe, Paypal or payment by bank transfer. In some cases, to avoid potential fraud, RegalaArt.com reserves the right to require customers to provide specific payment methods.

6. Form, costs and delivery time

The customer must consider that the delivery time, the quality of the service, the delivery point and the cost of each transport method are different.

The delivery time is made up of the production time and the delivery time, generally between 48-72 hours.

No deliveries will be made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. RegalaArt.com normal production cycle: 1 to 3 days after order arrives, depends on our charge of https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show